to shift their thinking from following routines designed with the same order of exercises, number of repetitions for everyone (no matter if they have been doing Pilates for 10 years or it's their first day) to "challenge the body appropriately, think of muscles as being internal forces acting on the structure, increase threshold and ability of people to reach their goals, understanding different physical conditions and limitations and train smart."

NATURAL PILATES Training objectives:

Our objectives are to prepare new trainers that would not only understand the basic Pilates choreograph, but understand the body and how we would program individualized sessions for the clients. It is not only about creating a workout routine, it’s about having a plan and understanding what we are trying to accomplish.

Natural Pilates intensive training

will cover the traditional Pilates choreography and basic principles created by Joseph Pilates. The repertoire of exercises is organized into series based on the muscular participation and joint motion. For example: hip flexion exercises, hip extension series, spine flexion, spine extension, etc.
In the training program we will go over concepts of mobility, stability, flexibility and balance. In each exercise, there will be a discussion of the joints involved and the muscular participation based on the external forces that act on the body.

All the students will learn how to modify every exercise for anyone from beginner to advanced. It is very important that our program will help all the students understand how to assess clients passively and actively, and to create an appropriate program based on the goals and needs of a client.

The basic principles of Pilates are control, awareness, breathing these principles will be underlined in every exercise to help clients deepen their mind-body connection.

certification class

Natural Pilates Advanced training

will be focused on deepening the understanding in joint mechanics, muscle function, and how we can challenge the body more through awareness and modifying basic choreography.
The curriculum is split into categories; lower body, upper body, trunk and spine, to give the opportunity to explore those areas and and joint mechanics in depth.

We will also discuss the implication of the nervous system and understanding of the concepts of tightness/weakness, strength/flexibility, muscles contractile abilities. The training is 50% lecture and 50% practical. 
The Natural Pilates Training will prepare the participants to understand and observe every individual structure (bone structure) and their restrictions and take into consideration mechanics, and also the forces on each joint in different postures, sports, activities and try to train in a less subjective manner.

Natural Pilates program will not follow a designed program of exercises that need to look the same for everyone, as two people may not be the same nor have the same alignment, but it will follow the of understanding of the body, progression, threshold and learn to modify the presented program based on needs and goals.ercise to help clients deepen their mind-body connection.

Natural Pilates Advanced Training
will include five modules: