Laura Wilson

Eight year old Laura joined the gymnastic team in her native town of Radauti in Romania. Thus she began a trek that would take her to Beverly Hills and the founding of her own company not so many years later. She has always been on the winning side, whether in gymnastics or as a part of the modern dance team in primary school.

Discipline is most important to Laura. It comes from her focus on goals. She learned this trait while on the National Archery Team in Romania, earning two national titles. She moved to the US "for more opportunities". In 2002, she immediately began working toward opening her own business. Although she loves outdoor activities like rollerblading, archery, biking and hiking, she has little time for hobbies now. She has become one of the most successful and valued Pilates Instructors in the country. Her business attracts clients from all over the Westside of Los Angeles. Laura has developed her own brand of teaching Pilates. It comes from her training in Pilates classes and her understanding of the needs of her clients. "You have to begin to understand each person, their abilities, and their personal goals. What works with one, doesn't work with another."

Laura Wilson

When she coined the term "Natural Pilates", Laura combined the exercise program developed by Joseph Pilates over 70 years ago with a natural approach to her craft. "The program can seem unnatural to a new client. I try to adjust it so that it provides the same result, but fits more into a person's needs and abilities."

"My biggest concern is when I don't think the client is getting their money's worth out of the program. They pay, they come regularly, but don't put their entire soul into the time they are with us." If anyone can inspire a client to give their all, Laura can.


Stott Pilates® certification 2005 continuing education ongoing


RTSM Mastery Program Pat 1-Science January 5-8,2012 RTSM Mastery Program Part 3-Spine and Trunk April 12-15,2012 RTSM Mastery Program Part 4, Lower Extremity-May 12-15,2012 RTSM Mastery Program Part 5- Upper Extremity-June 7-10,2012


MAT Master Level Workshop-Advanced Foot Function-February 8-10,2013 MAT Master Level workshop-lower body may 2014


Up Dog Vinyasa Flow-June 27 Muscle Activation Specialist-July 7,2012


GYROTONIC® Level 1-January 16,2008 GYROKINESIS Level 1- November 21,2010 GYROTONIC®-January 16,2011, January 18,2013 GYROTONIC® Level 2 Course, Program 1-April 4,2013 GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board =December 23,2009 GYROTONIC® Archway-December 18,2011 GYROTONIC® GYROTONER-July 17,2009


Spinning Instructor- April 8,2011

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist Massage School of Santa Monica-FEb 24, 2004 Shiatsu Massage School Of California-Aug 27,2003

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