Group classes are ideal for clients that have some pilates experience. For the safety of our clients, Natural Pilates requires those who have never done pilates before to take at least 3 private sessions to get familiar with using the equipment in the studio and learn the basic pilates moves. We offer a wide range of classes based on the focus and level or the class: beginner and intermediate classes, classes open for all levels, classes that focus on glutes, arms & abs, prenatal classes, cardio trampoline mix classes, power pilates classes, pilates flow classes and pilates sculpt classes.
Natural Pilates classes are equipped with state of the art V2 max plus reformers and towers, wunda pilates chairs and a wide variety of props like: stability balls, stability cousins, ankle weights, fitness circles, weighted ball, free weights, flex bands and resistance bands for the buddy and legs, all the props make the classes really fun and challenging!!

Our instructors will focus on working on specific areas like upper body, lower body, trunk and spine, and target specific muscles till the appropriate challenge is achieved!! The group classes are small which gives the instructors the ability to correct form and pay undivided attention to all clients in the class.

Our goal is to help you feel your body work in a different way, and also feel muscles that you’ve never felt before!!!

Our approach is that we need to challenge the body appropriately manipulating the amount of repetitions and weight till the muscles are feeling the burn. The modifications and variations for each exercise make the Natural Pilates workout accessible for everyone from clients that are just coming out of physical therapy, to clients that want to push their limits every single time.

Studio Policies

  • All sessions are 55 min long
  • All sessions are subject to a 24h cancelation policy
  • If needed to change in a later group class within 24h policy, an additional $15 will apply
  • Grip socks are required for your safety and hygiene
  • Running shoes for Drench Bench classes
  • No cell phone usage during all pilates sessions
  • All sessions are non refundable and non transferable
  • All packages expire 1 year after purchase